Friday, November 20, 2015

About Us - Our Story

For the last couple of years, we have been using social media and online ads to promote the small businesses we own and operate. Since we have been marketing our personal businesses and are receiving great results we have decided to start providing online marketing strategies for other businesses. What do you know, we have yet another business that we’re running!

We began by doing online affiliate marketing a couple of months ago and started to build a small supplemental income. Nothing to quit your day job for, but a few dollars a day that added up to a nice little check that we collected for doing something we enjoyed.

The funny thing is, one day we were watching some videos on youtube and saw a promotion for a group called The Digital Affiliates (TDA). This was a short video that claimed that you could make a full time income by following their step by step instructions and business coaching opportunities. Being skeptical, and knowledgeable in the online marketing industry we investigated their offer.  The membership was at a very low cost for 1 month and we could get our money back within 14 days if we didn’t like it. After talking it over we decided to give TDA a shot.

We have enlisted the help of Bob and James over at the Digital Affiliates to coach us in the world of online marketing and they have opened opportunities that we did not know existed. We work alongside fellow TDA teammates to discuss our campaigns, results, issues and receive the best support around. Its a great feeling to have a support team built around you.

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